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Brand: Local (Deshi) Model: RS166K
Green Olives (Jolpai) 500gmOlives Pack A Powerful Health Punch. Eaten Cured And Whole, These Little Fruits Are Building A Rep As Excellent Heart Helpers, But The Benefits Go Beyond Just A Cardiovascular Boost. Know These Major Perks, And You'll Want To Start Living The Mediterranean Way.Nutritional ..
Pabda Fish 500gm Pabda Fish 500gm
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Brand: Local (Deshi) Model: RS555K
Pabda Fish 500gm..
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Rupchanda Fish Medium 500gm
New -12 %
Brand: Local (Deshi) Model: RS555K
Rupchanda Fish Medium 500gm..
৳395 ৳450
Brand: Local (Deshi) Model: RS120K
Naphthalene - 500gmNaphthalene Is Used When Storing Clothing And Other Things To Protect Damage From Insects. It Also Works As A Deodorant...
Brand: Local (Deshi) Model: RS121K
Almonds (Kath Badam) 100gmAlmonds Are A Fantastic Source Of Antioxidants. Nuts Are Low In Carbs But High In Healthy Fats, Protein, And Fiber. The Magnesium In Almonds May Additionally Help Lower Blood Pressure Levels. Almonds Can Lower Cholesterol Levels. Eating Almonds Reduces Hunger, Lowering Your..
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